How to configure a L2TP IPSec/PSK VPN on your iPhone or iPad

To add a new L2TP VPN configuration, do as follow:

Settings > General VPN > Add VPN Configuration

1 - Launch Settings from your Home screen.

2 - Tap VPN

3 - Tap Add VPN Configuration.

4 - Tap Type.

5 - Select L2TP from VPN type .

6 -Tap Back in the upper left corner to get back to the previous window.

7 - Enter the VPN settings information and Authentication login as below:

Description              : Enter any name you like

Server                        :

Secret                         : 123456

Account                     : Enter the username associated with your account

Password                  : Enter the password associated with your account

RSA SecureID         : Off

Send All Traffic      : On

8 - Tap Done

9 - Finally for future use you can go to Settings > VPN and toggle the status switch on or off.
(If you would like to connect to a specific location or connect via another protocol manually please contact us; however, we strongly recommend using our applications for connection)