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How many people do you know around you who need VPN? In fact we all do! You can make money by introducing them to 8VPN while you and they surf the internet- privately- securely- and freely.

Income Calculator
Level Potential Referral on each Level
Level 1 $0
Level 3 $0
Level 5 $0
Level 6 $0
Level 7 $0
Result Is : $0.00  /mo

How it works

You can use this income calculator to estimate your potential monthly earning.
Just insert your estimation of the average number of users added by each person in your network on every Level then you can press the calculate button to see your potential monthly income.
Example :
You introduce 5 users to Your 8VPN network(using Your Marketer Code/ QR Code) so your "Level1"= 5 then each person on this level introduces an average of 5 people so "booster Level" = 5 then those users under this level each introduce an average of 6 people so Level3=6 and so on to the 7th level(let's say all =6) then my monthly income would be: $12.764.69/Month.

Calculate your potential monthly income

You will receive monthly income from 8 levels of the network you create. Use this income calculator to figure out your monthly commissions. Just input the average number of users you predict will be introduced for each level of your network and press the calculate button to see your potential monthly income.

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