How to configure a IKEv2 on your iPhone or iPad

To add a new IKEv2 VPN configuration, do as follow:

Settings > General VPN > Add VPN Configuration

1 - Launch Settings from your Home screen.

2 - Tap VPN

3 - Tap Add VPN Configuration.

4 - Tap Type.

5 - Select IKEv2 from VPN type .

6 -Tap Back in the upper left corner to get back to the previous window.

7 - Enter the VPN settings information and Authentication login as below:

Description              : Enter any name you like.    e.g. 8VPN connection

Server                        : (example)

Remote ID                 : (example)

User Authentication : Username

Username                  : Enter the username associated with your account

Password                  : Enter the password associated with your account

Local ID                     : (empty)

Proxy                         : off

8 - Tap Done

9 - Finally for future use you can go to Settings > VPN and toggle the status switch on or off.

We strongly recommend using our Apps (when available) to connect to our servers. The next best recommendation for iOS would be the IKEv2 instructions above. If you wish to connect using other protocols please follow the links below:

    • OpenVPN
    • Cisco VPN